Refund and Return Policy

We guaranteed our plants to arrive alive and well.

If you’re plants do not survive you may receive a refund if you:

  1. Live in the appropriate USDA hardiness zone for the variety selected (see map below).
  2. Keep the roots moist and plant within 3 days of receiving your order.
  3. Have the plants shipped during the recommended time period:
    • March 6th (USDA Zone 7-10)
    • March 13th (USDA Zone 5-7)
    • March 20th (USDA Zone 3-6)
    • March 27th (USDA Zone 3-5)
    • April 3rd (USDA Zone 2-5)
    • April 10th (USDA Zone 2-4)
    • April 17th (USDA Zone 1-4)
    • April 24th (USDA Zone 1-3)

Plants are shipped dormant and depending on the species will leaf out at different times. If you suspect the plant is not alive you can scratch the bark and look for a fresh green color that will indicate a healthy plant that just needs more time.

USDA Hardiness Zone Map