Swamp Chestnut Oak Seedling
(Quercus michauxii)



Note: Ships March 1st as a 8-12" bare-root.

Swamp Chestnut Oak Seedling (Quercus michauxii) is one of the best acorns for eating. It is smaller than the acorns from the Bur Oak but falls from the cups much easier.


Pollination: Cross-pollination by a different variety or seedling.
Size: 70-100' x 50-75'
Ripening Date: September to October
Years to Bear 10-15
Taste: Bitter but tannins are removed by cold soaking.

Growing Conditions

USDA Zone: 5-9
Spacing: 40'
Light Exposure: Part Shade to Full Sun
Soil Type: Moist
Soil PH: 5.0-6.5