Mysore Raspberry

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Mysore Raspberry (Rubus niveus) is an exotic treat, boasting deep purple-black berries with a unique flavor profile. Originating from the Indian subcontinent, this variety thrives in warmer climates and offers a distinctive taste. Its fruits are perfect for fresh consumption, adding a touch of the exotic to your garden and palate.

6-12″ Bareroot

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Environmental Requirements

Cold Tolerance: USDA Zone 9-11
Soil pH: 6.0-6.5
Soil Type: Well-drained
Water Requirements: Moderate, consistent moisture
Sunlight Requirements: Full sun to partial shade
Drought Tolerance: Moderate
Heat Tolerance: Moderate
Chilling Hours: None

Size and Spacing

Plant Size: 6-10′ tall, 6-10′ wide
Plant Spacing: 6-10′ apart
Growth Habit: Upright, bushy
Rootstock: Own Roots

Pollination and Flowering

Pollination Requirements: Self-pollinating
Pollination Mechanisms: Insects (bees)
Bloom Time: Year-round
Flower Color: White

Fruit Characteristics

Berry Size: 0.5-1″
Berry Flavor: Sweet
Berry Color and Appearance Dark purple to black, glossy
Harvest Time: Year-round
Yield & Storage: High, store in a cool, dry place
Years to Bear: 2-3

Disease and Pest Susceptibility

Botrytis Blight (Botrytis cinerea): Moderately Resistant
Cane Blight (Leptosphaeria coniothyrium): Moderately Resistant
Raspberry Leaf Spot (Sphaerulina rubi-idaei): Moderately Resistant
Verticillium Wilt (Verticillium spp.): Moderately Resistant
Raspberry Crown Borer (Pennisetia marginata): Moderately Resistant
Aphids (Aphidoidea): Moderately Resistant

Additional Plant Characteristics

Growth Habit: Upright, bushy
Foliage Color: Green
Lifespan: 10-15 years

Additional Information

Toxicity: Non-toxic
Invasive Potential: Low
Native Range: Native to India and Southeast Asia
Nitrogen Fixing: No