Antonovka Apple


Antonovka Apple (Malus domestica) is a traditional favorite, known for its tart flavor and versatility in cooking. This apple tree offers a consistent yield of greenish-yellow fruits, making it a staple in many orchards. Its resilience to cold climates makes it a hardy choice.

4-5′ Bareroot Grafted

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Environmental Requirements

Cold Tolerance: USDA Zone 3-9
Soil pH: 6.0-6.5
Soil Type: Well-drained
Water Requirements: Moderate
Sunlight Requirements: Full sun
Drought Tolerance: Moderate
Heat Tolerance: Moderate
Chilling Hours: 800-1000

Size and Spacing

Plant Size: 15-20′ tall, 15-20′ wide
Plant Spacing: 15-20′ apart
Growth Habit: Upright spreading
Rootstock: From Seed

Pollination and Flowering

Pollination Requirements: Self-fertile
Pollination Mechanisms: Insects (bees)
Bloom Time: September
Flower Color: White

Fruit Characteristics

Fruit Size: 2.5-3″
Fruit Flavor: Tart
Fruit Color and Appearance Green-yellow, smooth skin
Harvest Time: Late Sept – Early Oct
Yield & Storage: Moderate, stores well
Years to Bear: 4-6

Disease and Pest Susceptibility

Apple Scab Resistance: Moderately Resistant
Fire Blight Resistance: Moderately Resistant
Cedar-Apple Rust Resistance: Resistant
Powdery Mildew Resistance: Moderately Resistant
Codling Moth Resistance: Moderately Susceptible
Apple Maggot Resistance: Moderately Susceptible

Additional Plant Characteristics

Growth Habit: Upright spreading
Foliage Color: Green
Fall Color: Yellow-orange
Lifespan: 50-80 years

Additional Information

Toxicity: Non-toxic
Invasive Potential: Low
Native Range: Tian Shan mountains of Kazakhstan
Nitrogen Fixing: No